The Beginning

Oholei Torah was founded at the instruction of the Rebbe whose vision was as revolutionary as it was resolute:

This was to be an educational institute that enveloped its students in the completeness of Torah and tradition; that inspired love and joy in living as Jews; that nourished an urgency to spread those feelings outward and across the world.

Responding to the Rebbe’s vision, close friends Rabbi Michoel Teitelbaum and Reb Dovid Deitsch partnered on a quest that became the fiber of their beings for the rest of their lives: R’ Michoel recruited students and implemented the educational goals. R’ Dovid assumed the financial
burden of the new school.

Oholei Torah opened in 1956, in a neighborhood shul on Strauss Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Three students enrolled. Today, more than 1850 Oholei Torah students are educated in the ways of Torah and tradition, from preschool to our state accredited Talmudical Seminary. But our students, faculty and supporters are invested in more than personalized childhood education.

We are uniquely conscious of the need for thoughtful, knowledgeable and committed Jewish influencers throughout the world.

The Rebbe highlighted the necessity to build globally by growing personally. In proud testament to the effectiveness of that model, Oholei Torah students assume Jewish leadership roles by their mid-teens as a matter of course.

More than 70% of graduates go on to lifelong positions as Chabad Shluchim, initiating and directing Jewish activities in 75 countries.

As we enter this era of expansion, we invite you to survey the mission and method of an Oholei Torah education. Join us and take part in furthering its impact throughout the world.