Please enjoy Volume 2 of INTENTION, a monthly glimpse into the tents and happenings of Oholei Torah. In this Chodesh Nisson edition, we feature the

  1. incredible work of Grade 8, led by R’ Chaim Y Wilhelm;
  2. monumental task and logistical prowess of the Transportation Department;
  3. wondrous orchestration of the Achdus Baskets by the PTA; and
  4. inspiring and voluminous effort of The Oholei Torah – Levi Yitzchok Library.

While INTENTION captures but a tiny taste of the Oholei Torah spirit, as Chassidus explains, when you grab onto even a small part of something essential, you grasp the entire essence. We look forward to sharing the essence and elements of Oholei Torah in an ever-increasing manner. Wishing you and all of Klal Yisroel a kosherin un a freilichen Pesach!