The Rebbe illuminates the name “Oholei Torah” as being predicated upon and an extension of the original “tents of Torah” of Shem and Ever. As its name hints, INTENTION is a monthly glimpse into the tents of Torah of Oholei Torah. Each volume of INTENTION features different departments within the greater institution. As its title also implies, INTENTION will do so with the Kavana, intention of bringing the internal wonder and beauty of Oholei Torah to the greater world.

Please enjoy Volume 3 of INTENTION, a monthly glimpse into the tents and happenings of Oholei Torah. In this Chodesh Iyar edition, we feature the

  1. Our recent addition to Beis Medrash, Shiur Hey.
  2. The grandness of the Kitchen Department and
  3. The highlights from our Kindergarten division.

While INTENTION captures but a tiny taste of the Oholei Torah spirit, as Chassidus explains, when you grab onto even a small part of something essential, you grasp the entire essence. We look forward to sharing the essence and elements of Oholei Torah in an ever-increasing manner.